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No. CX Metrics can be plugged to the most types of CCTV cameras. We use existing infrastructure which is cheaper for you and our algorithms get the most out of the recorded image from camera. If you are struggling with poor quality of to recorded video from existing cameras, we will help you in choosing new devices.

Not exactly. First we need to find out how many camera devices you want to track traffic from. We plug CX-Metrics to the CCTV on premise, but you can access the dashboard with all analytics and statistics right from our website.

Our pricing is pretty clear and adjusted to your needs. It depends on the number of camera devices you want to get insights from, and what do you want to track. The most basic CX Metrics tracks only demographic attributes, but you can expand it with selected add-ons.

For most features yes. We do not match silhouette and facial attributes with personal details nor we do not store any personal data on our servers. We build customer profiles based on the groups of people. We get our insights from the mass of customers not the individuals. If you wish to match facial attributes with personal details you need to have your clients an explicit consent first.

Yes. You don’t need to be a huge international supermarket chain. CX Metrics perfectly works in retail businesses of all sizes. You can start with only one camera device to get the most out of our solution and receive valuable insights for your business to grow.

Go ahead! We warmly welcome all partners that are willing to provide our solution to their customers. Once you will join our partners’ network you will receive all necessary marketing materials and trainings. For more informations about our partners’ program please contact us directly.

It depends on how many camera devices you have and which version of CX-Metrics you selected. The setup can take from few work days up to couple of weeks. For instance if you are mid-sized shop and want to track your customers when they enter and leave the store and measure their demography and their appearance attributes + satisfaction, it shall take up to 2 weeks to start CX-Metrics.

We have just started. but hey! We are going to integrate CX-Metrics with POS systems to let you track your marketing conversions right from the CCTV! More integrations to come!

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