Al-Driven Customer

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and existing camera infrastructure (CCTV) CX Metrics is able to identify descriptive characteristics and behavior of customers.

For retailers
For retailers

Improve your customer experience with smart vision behavioral analytics.

For venues & events
For venues & events

Learn how your fans and spectators react to your shows and events to create even betters shows!

For security
For security

Capture suspected individuals with AI facial recognition.

Turn your CCTV camera into a marketing monster!

Take an advantage of your existing security camera infrastructure, and turn it into the powerful marketing tool. Get the most out of what your cameras can see and convert it to a meaningful marketing insights.

Turn your CCTV camera into a <strong>marketing monster!</strong>
Understand your <strong>customer journey</strong>

Understand your customer journey

And find critical points

While the cameras are watching your customers, their traits, satisfaction level, selected behaviors and paths, our AI algorithms determine the correlation between the analyzed parameters.

Get real insight in your omnichannel strategy

In the digital channels it’s pretty easy to track returning and unique visitors. How do you measure your in-store customers satisfaction? CX Metrics allows you to track all your both new and returning customers.

Get real insight in your <strong>omnichannel strategy</strong>
Learn your fans and <strong>attendees emotions</strong>

Learn your fans and attendees emotions

What if you could see how people really react on events you organize? CX Metrics tracks facial emotions and provides smart insights from complex raw data massive. From now on, you can learn how spectators and fans really react on the movies or live performances.

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